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The system

The System

The only patented system for the repair

The basic principal of our system is simple but effective. We developed and patented a hydraulic tool that by means of fitting a mould to the damaged upright and exerting a controlled and punctual pressure over the damaged spot returns the upright to its original format in a matter of minutes. Depending on the level of deformation, the restoration can have a greater level of difficulty, but it is always possible! However, if there exists a breakage or tear in the system, it will not be possible for ROS to repair it and we always recommend replacing it for a new one.

The ROS system is portable and permits us to work in narrow passageways and difficult to access areas, including heights.

We always take the correct security precautions and incorporate the necessary equipment to work safely. The repair process is quick, comfortable and safe and it’s not necessary to unload the shelves with damage category green or category amber as the ROS System works under full pallet load, saving production time and effort on everyone’s behalf. To ensure the maximum of safety to our clients, ROS recommends a limit of three repairs per rack after which we advise a replacement.

the ros-method

Save money, time and on co2 emission

Save money

Repair instead of replacement of racks will save you up to 80%.

Save time

Our system permits the restoration of damage without the need to move or unload the pallets

Save on co2 emission

No need for new parts Our repair method is great for any business, especially in times where durability is important.