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Rack Protection

Rack Protection FOR STORAGES

Optimal safety and perfect protection

ROS collision protection offers optimal safety and effective protection against renewed damage after repair.

We help you protect your warehouse with our high quality products, a full range of profiles for the protection of warehouse racks.

We work with various renowned brands so that we can provide the perfect protection for every warehouse. Our products give you peace of mind that your business and staff are kept safe with the highest possible quality.

Together we work on a safe working environment for you and your staff!

the ros-method

Save money, time and on co2 emission

Save money

Repair instead of replacement of racks will save you up to 80%.

Save time

Our system permits the restoration of damage without the need to move or unload the pallets.

Save on co2 emission

No need for new parts. Our repair method is great for any business, especially in times where durability is important.