The right collision protection for your warehouse.

Even minor damage can significantly reduce the load-bearing capacity of your racking. Damaged racks therefore pose a significant risk to you, your employees and the stored products. Our innovative plastic collision protection system reliably protects everything around your storage racks!

ROS bescherming2 brROS bescherming br

ROS Collision Protection - saves time and money!

ROS crash barriers offer optimum safety and effective protection against renewed damage after repair.

We help you protect your warehouse with our high-quality absorbent products:

  • A full range of profiles for the protection of storage racks
  • Protections for the loading and unloading areas of your warehouse
  • Bumper systems for the protection of walls against forklifts
  • Protective barriers for the warehouse racks
  • Bumpers and barriers for high traffic areas
  • Barriers to mark pedestrian passages with (possibly) passage gates
  • Column protection

We collaborate with various renowned brands, so that we can provide the perfect protection for every warehouse. Our products give you peace of mind that your business and staff are kept safe with the highest possible quality.
Together we work on a safe working environment for you and your staff!


ROS aanrijbeschermer brOptimal safety and perfect protection of storage racks, suitable for the rack uprights of almost all brands. Virtually indestructible plastic exterior and a flexible inner foam for optimal force distribution. Quick and easy installation without screws, ground anchors, plugs, etc.

The main advantages:

  • Ambient temperature range: -30 to +50 °C
  • Resistant, wear-resistant, durable and flexible
  • Clearly visible signal color
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy installation


ROS bollard3x brDesigned to protect access to gates or large doors from heavy traffic or to mark areas with restricted pedestrian access. Fully equipped with mounting accessories.


ROS rail brA new bumper system specifically for the protection of the walls that can withstand the movements of trolleys. Designed by following an innovative technical design that combines speed and simplicity in the steps of installation and cleaning. Available in different lengths.


ROS barrieresProtection barrier for the rack end and for high traffic areas. Modular systems to be mounted on a continuous line according to customer needs.

Available in two, three or four rails.


ROS door brPassage gate for pedestrians in front of the protective barriers.

Create safe pedestrian areas for your people.

 ROS voorbeeld deur br


ROS column brColumn protection in two or three rails.