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Ensure a safe environment and have your warehouse inspected regularly

In case the damage complies with the category “Amber” or “Red”, the user should have already taken immediate action, after having observed at an obligatory regular inspection by the “person responsible for storage equipment safety – PRSES”. Reference to EN 15635: “Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment”, to which standard in general is referred to in user manuals of rack suppliers. The actions are:

  • Amber risk: Only allowed to remove pallets from the bays at both sides of the damaged upright or damaged upright frame bracing, and no new pallets shall be placed. After 4 weeks the upright frame concerned shall be unloaded or immediately off-loaded.
  • Red risk: An upright frame with such damage for an upright or frame bracing, must be immediately off-loaded.

This means that repair of a loaded upright or upright frame is only allowed when the damage is of the category “Green level” or “Amber risk”. The repair instruction is based upon a risk analyses in accordance with the European legislation on Safety of Workers at Work, and must absolutely be followed. It might be that off-loading before repair is required.

the ros-method

Save money, time and on co2 emission

Save money

Repair instead of replacement of racks will save you up to 80%.

Save time

Our system permits the restoration of damage without the need to move or unload the pallets.

Save on co2 emission

No need for new parts. Our repair method is great for any business, especially in times where durability is important.