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Cookie Statement

Cookie StatementROS International B.V.

We use cookies to serve you as best as possible. This Cookie Statement explains how and why we use cookies.

What are cookies?

When visiting our website cookies are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone for keeping up with statistical and research data. Cookies are small, simple text files. On your next visit, the cookies are used to recognise you. For instance, cookies ensure you are not required to enter the same information every time you visit our website. Your settings and preferences are remembered and that makes a subsequent visit to the site easier. Thanks to cookies, the information and offers on the site can also be aligned to your preferences.

Why do we use cookies?

Using a session cookie, we can see which sections of the website you have visited on this visit. That means we are able to adjust our website and services as much as possible to our visitors’ browsing behaviour. These cookies are automatically removed as soon as your web browser closes.

We also place tracking cookies if you give us permission to do so. By clicking on the ‘Accept Cookies’ button or by clicking further on our website, you are giving permission for cookies to be placed. A so-called tracking profile is created, which is not linked to a name, address, email address and suchlike, known to us. The profile makes it possible to set the website to your preferences.

Persistent cookies can be deleted through the browser.

Refusing cookies

Do you not want to allow cookies? You can delete cookies manually through your browser or have these deleted automatically when ending an internet session. You can set the internet browser in such a way that a message is provided if a cookie is placed, or set it so that cookies cannot be placed. In certain cases, you can then no longer use the website.