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The sustainable solution for the repair of damaged and deformed storage racks

Damaged or deformed racks are a cause of concern because this can bring many problems, both for security and for logistics within the company. And replacing the racks is a complicated process that’s also very expensive.

After performing extensive studies, ROS has developed a repair method that makes replacing the up-rights no longer necessary. This innovative system makes restoring the racks possible. Even under maximum pallet load with damage category green and category amber according to norm NEN-EN 15635. Besides that, the entire process is according the legally safety standards.

We have been successfully operating in the market with this system since 2004. Thanks to this patented system, developed by ROS, we can now restore racks to their original shape without the need of replacing or unloading the racks. All this and even preserve the original loading capacity.


Up to 80% on the costs of a new rack.


No disruption or delays in your production time, repairs are done in ± 30 minuten.


No need for extra parts.

Works under maximum pallet load with damage category green and category amber!

the ros-method

Save money, time and on co2 emission

Save money

Repair instead of replacement of racks will save you up to 80%.

Save time

Our system permits the restoration of damage without the need to move or unload the pallets

Save on co2 emission

No need for new parts Our repair method is great for any business, especially in times where durability is important.


A selection of companies that already rely on the ROS-method​